Black Belt Magazine Article

You can check out a cool article in Black Belt Magazine’s September Issue named:
Ultimate Training North of The Border
It showcases our Training Camp. Here’s a snippet of the article. You can read the whole article by visiting Black Belt Magazine’s website or pick up a copy at your local magazine stand.
“The martial arts have a proven system for passing on knowledge from generation to generation with help from a teacher who takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes that journey is best experienced outside the typical dojo setting.
Back in 1995, my father Jacques Patenaude and I decided there was a better way to immerse our students and visitors in the martial arts lifestyle. We set out to build the training camp of training camps. Because there was nothing like what we envisioned anywhere in the world, we had to plan it from scratch.
The first challenge was to make training there an unforgettable experience.
That meant the location had to be unique. We didn’t want to rent space at the YMCA or a local hotel, and we didn’t want to work out at one of the 25 schools we’ve established throughout Canada. We wanted people to feel like Bruce Lee when he traveled to Han’s island in Enter the Dragon.
Our camp was built on 16 acres in Casselman, Ontario, Canada, 25 miles from Ottawa. Its nerve center is a 3,000-square-foot Japanese-style pagoda that’s designed to transport students back to an age when warrior monks in Asia learned the arts of self-defense.
But before we could claim to have one of the best training camps in the world, we needed someone to evaluate it. We needed a legend in the martial arts, a man who’d be willing to try some of the obstacles and complete some of the challenges we had in store for the participants.
Enter our friend and mentor, Bob Wall.”…..