Fang Shen Do uses the acronym: “MASTERY” to dissect the various colors and areas of development found within the FSD Ranking System. Different colored “sashes” are used to distinguish a student’s level of expertise. When transitioning between solid color levels, stripes are incorporated between each level to bridge the gap with the next highest color within the learning ladder.

Beginner: MANNERS
Black: YIN & YANG


These are the physical areas of development for each level. The drills and techniques found in each level are designed in such a way to progressively build confidence and skill. Ultimately, adding the right pieces of the puzzle at the right time and in the right order guarantees you success in becoming a proficient martial artist.

Each level also has a conceptual area of development for each sash color:

White: Punctuality and Focus
Yellow: Consistency and Effort
Blue: Goal Setting and Commitment
Green: Courage and Self-Control
Brown: Patience and Enthusiasm
Black: Determination and Follow Through

These 2 areas of development (physical and conceptual) when perfectly married together as demonstrated in the FSD System, offers the student the best possible chance for success in the martial arts.

A solid structure combined with a well organized curriculum, keeps the student motivated and focused on their goals.

Martial Art training should affect how you do everything in your life. Following this kind of intensive, training formation will do just that.

Fang Shen Do delivers with cutting edge training programs, friendly, enthusiastic instructors and a learning environment akin to any top level University.

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