Lethwei Fighting Course

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Learn The Most Brutal
Fighting Techniques in the World Without Having To Do All the Mistakes Yourself 

What if a current Lethwei Champion and his Coach were willing to train YOU so you made none of these costly mistakes…

I'm talking…

Broken nose and ribs

Cuts and scars


Sweat, Blood and Tears

What if you could learn their best kept secrets and instantly improve your stand-up techniques, saving you years of trial and error

Secrets that could help avoid that nasty leg kick or slicing elbow to your face?

Or save you from getting destroyed in the clinch

Imagine what it would cost to fly to Myanmar (where this sport, Lethwei, originates. A no Glove, no Rules, K.O only, Headbutt allowed fighting tournament) and learn all this by yourself

Why is this important to you?

Because if you're like me you want to learn from someone who's been there, done that

No B.S

Get the knowledge from someone who's at the top right now

And who's willing to share it all with you

How much would that be worth?

500$... 750$... 1000$...For you to learn what this Champion and his coach have to teach you...

The trip alone would cost 2000$

Golden Opportunity

The experience these 2 men bring to the table is honestly priceless

Right now we're opening a Lethwei Fighting Course to only 50 people who act quickly

Maybe you're training in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Sanda or MMA and if you're smart, you're constantly looking for ways to improve yourself

Do not miss this opportunity

Here's what you get...

For 97$ (Lol, I'm not kidding)

Lethwei Fighting Course

You get instant access via our App to view all videos within the Lethwei Fighting Course

  • King Dave Leduc and trainer Sifu Patrick Marcil teach you what is required to fight in the world's most brutal fighting sport, Lethwei
  • Their signature moves and tactics that made Dave successful in every one of his fights
  • The "Toughness Drill" lesson alone is worth the price of the course
  • The best way to build rock hands, becoming impervious to pain
  • Their freestyle sparring footage
  • Dave's deceptive spinning attacks
  • The Kick Dave uses to mess up his opponents and land it right in the face
  • The art of the headbutt and how to be lethal with it
  • And so much more...


For those who act quickly, Dave and Sifu Patrick will be teaching a LIVE Lethwei Workshop where you can attend, view and interact with them and ask questions to perfect your craft (instructions will be sent after you purchase)

You’ll also get a Free 14-Day trial to The Fighting Academy (a monthly membership (97$ value) inside the App, new courses being unlocked each month with monthly Live training and Q&A)

If you're a fighter, a trainer yourself, or love to learn the best fighting techniques this course is for you

This is your chance to step up your game


Sibok Martin Patenaude

P.S You can't buy this type of experience. For 97$ only, it's less than the price of a private lesson with any of these two.

Once you click on "Add to Cart" and purchase, you'll receive download instructions and will get to view your Course immediately through our Fang Shen Do (FSD) App.

P.P.S Just learning and implementing one technique from this course will set you apart from other fighters.

Techniques are awesome but what you’ll really get a sense of from these 2 fighters is the fighting mentality and attitude that you need to succeed.

You’ll never fight the same once you’ve gone through the course!

P.P.P.S Price will drastically increase (297$) after all 50 spots are taken