Firewalking Experience

It could be the secret to your success...


If you are...

  • troubled by embarrassing blocks, small fears, and other worries
  • crippled by procrastination, nagging doubt, and recurring fear
  • paralyzed by panic

If they keep you from functioning, or reaching your goals, from having loving relationship, a better job, more time or money to do the things you want...

...then what I'm about to tell you may be the most important message you will ever read.

Here's why...

There's now a way for you to quickly learn how to not just manage but smash through all your negative emotions, the ones keeping you chained to the status quo, and jump-start you on the road to living your dreams.

And amazingly, all it takes is 2 short hours. I know...

To Some This Sounds Impossible
But It Won't To You... Once You Know How

The sad fact about many people's goals and dreams is that they remain in "some-day" land.

Self-help gurus say, "Have clarity, a vision!"

Surprisingly, if you're like most people, you already know what you want..., maybe even how to get it. You're just held back by deep-seated negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, there's a way to change all that.

It' s called the Firewalk Seminar ... and it could set you on fire - for life!

Now there's a way to dissolve fear and other emotional blocks that keep you from living life to the fullest! Thousands worldwide are doing what they previously thought "impossible"after learning how in this powerful experience. You can, too... with 100% guaranteed results!

Imagine turning fear into a fuel that feeds your passion and drive and helps you break out of your ruts.

You see, the real secret to success in any part of your life is learning to do the impossible. Once you have, then the merely difficult suddenly seem a whole lot easier!

Firewalking helps you do just this.

It's amazing how a successful walk across a 3x8-foot bed of red-hot burning coals... barefoot... can change your perspective on things!

Firewalking in Canada 8 foot bed

efore you click off this page, thinking we've gone crazy,
pay attention to what I have to say:

Not only is it possible, it's 100% PROVEN to work.
And it's absolutely safe!

Listen to what some of our Firewalk graduates are saying:

"I can't believe I did that!"
"I didn't realize I had that in me!"
"It changed my life!"

And it's all possible…
If you’re ready to
walk through fire!

The Firewalk is a powerful, life-changing and transformative experience. Every major culture, from the Vikings to North American Natives to the Hawaiian Kahunas have undergone the amazing firewalk ritual, as a rite of passage and initiation, or a test of courage.

Heck, even Bill Clinton and Microsoft Corporation have participated in modern versions of the firewalk made popular by personal development gurus like Tony Robbins.


Thousands worldwide have done it and experienced powerful benefits:

  • Elimination of fear and limiting beliefs,
  • Better health, jobs and relationships,
  • Even remission from terminal illnesses, like cancer!

Often using only "watered-down" easy versions!But our Firewalk is authentic. It's the one developed by Tolly Burkan, the genius who first introduced the firewalk to America, and kept the ancient techniques pure.

He's the one who trained and certified us; a guy who's helped thousands experience a new life.

Sijo Jacques Patenaude Firewalker

"I have done the Firewalk many times myself and taken hundreds of other folks through the experience—including my entire family—right here in Ottawa. I will be there with you every step of the way!"

-- Jacques Patenaude, Certified Seminar Leader, Firewalk Canada.
  Firewalking group in Canada
"We follow the authentic Tolly Burkan method of Firewalking. That means you walk across truly hot coals not the luke-warm stuff others pass for firewalking today. And since safety is our top priority you WILL make it safely to the other side. We've proven it with hundreds of people just like you."

-- Sibok Martin, Certified Instructor, Firewalk Canada.

Here's What You Get When You Register For The
Firewalk Canada Experience

Your complete firewalk experience consists of three parts.

First, we gather at the Pagoda where we'll spend somewhere between 1 and 2 hours discussing how the Firewalk is set up and what you can expect to happen.

Here's a small sampling of some of what you’ll learn during this special pre-Firewalk ritual:  

  • Three powerful techniques for dealing with ALL negative emotions-anywhere, anytime!

  • The secrets of "anti-fear" success states, and how to create and enter yours at any time!

  • An ancient technique of bonding with people, and working with a team to succeed

  • How to "do" the frighteningly impossible on red-hot coals--safely!

  • How our "sharing" session lets you use and maintain your seminar "high" forever!

  • Firewalking group in Canada

  • And much, much more.

    In addition, we'll work on Sensitivity drills to help you tightly focus your awareness & concentration, Team Building exercised, drills to both build and enhance your Confidence together with ones aimed at Breaking any negative patterns. Finally you'll work on Isometric Breathing drills designed to supercharge your emotional power prior to the Firewalk.

    Next, we'll head outside for the experience you've waited for... the Firewalk itself!

    After the Firewalk, we'll again gather in the Pagoda to share stories and experiences from the Firewalk. It's a time you'll remember for the rest of your life!

    And that's not all: this year, we are testing a new "Keep the Fire Burning" follow-up mastermind group. Each month you will meet with other Firewalk graduates to "seal in," maintain, retain, and expand your achievements. You will learn even more proven techniques and powerful principles for improving every challenging area of your life, whether it be relationships, work and career, finances or health. It's an entire year of support!

    See Firewalk Canada In Action
    In This Exciting
    Television Video Clip!

    The ultimate result? You will finally understand...

    The Shocking Truth About Reaching "Impossible" Goals...

    (Surprisingly, this power is already within you...
    it always was... we just show you
    how to access it, and use it when you need it most.)

    Reaching your goals is not an accident.

    You will return home with the knowledge you need to succeed; knowledge you can use again and again for the rest of your life.

    Your Firewalk experience will become a powerful touchstone in your psyche, and inspire you and others for years.

    You'll be amazed at the changes; you'll be walking on air... and people will notice!

    Results Guaranteed... Or
    Your Money Back!

    In fact, we’re so certain you will be absolutely elated with your experience that we offer you this amazing guarantee:

    If you’re not 100% satisfied that the Firewalk Seminar delivers exactly what we claim, then Fire Walk Canada and the Patenaude family personally will refund every penny of your registration fee -- no questions asked!

    Our students know we deliver on our word.

    And we trust you to do your part.

    We've made the Firewalk affordable for everyone...
    so now there's no
    for you to not attend!

    We honestly believe this is one of the most powerful personal development experiences you'll ever go though, especially compared to other forms of expensive self-help, which also take up huge chunks of your time.

    That's why we've affordably priced it so you CAN attend regardless of your current situation.

    Normal registration for a Firewalk is $199 Can.

    Bruce Kirby N.O.W No Opportunities Wasted Host with the Patenaude family


    But to celebrate the fact that Firewalk Canada was selected by the CBC reality show, “N.O.W” (No Opportunities Wasted), to host the show's first-ever live firewalk  we're offering a special 1/2 price early registration discount.

    Register today and you pay just $99 Can. This includes everything!

    • The 1 to 2 hour special pre-Firewalk ritual,
    • The actual Firewalk itself,
    • Sharing of experience in the Pagoda.

    It will be held at the beautiful 16-acre Fang Shen Do retreat in Casselman, Ontario, Canada (near Ottawa and Montreal) on Sept 24th, 2017.

    Firewalking in Canada

    These events tend to fill fast.

    Once this one is full, we'll be taking stand-by registrations only. You can avoid all that by registering today.

    Sign me Up!

    Click Here to Register for the
    Sept. 24th, 2017 Firewalk Now >>

    Be sure to click the link at the top of this page to see pictures from previous Firewalks.

    The Next STEP... Is Up To You

    Now, you've got a decison to make.

    You can do nothing, continuing to experience life as it comes to you, always wondering, "What would it have been like... that feeling of walking across those burning coals? Where might it have taken me?"

    Or you can do as thousands before you have done and take the challenge.

    Step up now and experience what it's like to finally live your dreams!

    You CAN reach your goals by letting the Firewalk help you bust through life-long fears that have held you back often without you even knowing it.

    Taking that first step is the hardest. Don't risk missing out.

    Click Here to Register for the
    Sept. 24th, 2017 Firewalk Now >>

    See you at the next seminar... with fire in your eyes!

    Your Firewalking Seminar Leaders,

    “Sijo” Jacques Patenaude,
    “Sibok” Martin,
     and your entire Firewalk Canada support team.

    PS:  The Firewalk is not all about overcoming fear and other "grim" stuff. We promise you will have a great, exciting, moving time! Imagine yourself participating in a powerful ancient outdoor ritual with fellow aspirants! Your seminar includes a light meal, refreshments, and a free binder for notes. .

    PPS:  The Firewalk is a great opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone you care about—a friend, a colleague, a spouse or partner, or another family member. It's also a great, risk-free way to introduce people to Fang Shen Do and the Patenaude Kung Fu family of students, club owners and managers, as well as to our excellent training camp and retreat. Therefore, for a limited time with your reservation, you may take 20% off the price of your seminar for each student you enroll personally into a Fang Shen Do class. We'll include details about this "Buddy Bonus" referral program with your information package. Be sure to leave your name and email address above.

    PPPS:  No email. Not a problem. Just send us a note requesting we put you on our mailing list for the Firewalk. Mail this to: FSD Firewalk Canada, 1196 Baker Rd, Casselman, Ontario, K0A 1M0.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Disclaimer

    The Firewalk is a proven, safe technique, provided the directions of the certified instructors are followed. Our record is perfect—zero injuries. In fact, only a small percentage of firewalkers worldwide have suffered injuries, and only minor ones at that, and only while disobeying or disregarding instructions and safety protocols. We are 100% confident about our Firewalk instructions; however, in compliance with legal, business, and insurance best practices, we must ask participants to sign a legal waiver absolving Firewalk Canada and its instructors and owners of all liability against injuries that may be suffered as a result of the seminar. We are sure you understand and will not let this deter you from participating.

    Privacy policy: all of your personal information including address, email and billing data is carefully guarded and never sold or given to ANY other party.-