Kubotan Self-Defense Tool

"The Tiny Tool That Can Turn Anyone Into The World's Deadliest Streetfighter!"

Dear Friend,

It's surprising what a little piece of wood can do to an unsuspecting attacker. Called a Kubotan, it's great for women who need extra confidence when walking unaccompanied at night after working overtime.

But equally useful for a security guard who needs to escort someone who won't comply. Feel how quickly it penetrates muscle tissue and into ligaments and nerves to make an attacker moan or "dance" at will.

Video clips from the Kubotan DVD.

- It's small, light, simple to use and requires no exceptional strength or special ability to wield as a deadly device.

Hide it in your pocket, purse, shirt sleeve or pocket.

Everything you need to know about this seemingly passive tool is shown in
Fang Shen Do's Kubotan DVD.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find on this DVD.

  • The secret to doubling the pain compliance you exert with your Kubotan. Once you understand these simple points you become dramatically more effective.
  • Why the Kubotan serves as your equalizer... even against a much bigger opponent!
  • How to find the RIGHT kubotan for you!
  • The key to holding your Kubotan that strengthens your punch.
  • Why a Kubotan turns ANY target... into the RIGHT target!
  • The Degrees of Damage: how to determine the exact use of force required for the unique situation you’re in!
  • The #1 thing you should ALWAYS do before walking to your car!
  • How the Kubotan makes ALL your self-defense better... by allowing you to transfer what you learn practicing with it... to a pen, cell phone or even your fingers!
  • Why everyone at Fang Shen Do considers the Kubotan... your #1 weapon!
  • How to make your attacker squeal like a pig... using only a simple technique anyone can master.
  • The real reason something so small... can create so much pain!
  • The surprising secret power & confidence just having the Kubotan in you pocket gives you when walking alone after a late shift or coming back from a club!
  • And much, MUCH more...

It's introductory priced today at only $39.95C.

But don't expect it to stay here long.

And remember, like everything we sell we stand behind the Kubotan DVD 100%.

If you're not absolutely thrilled with this material just return it for a prompt and complete refund. No questions asked.

Grab your copy of this extraordinary DVD today.

Sibok Martin Patenaude