Power Punch - "Your Magical Key to Explosive Power"

"The Magical Key to Developing
Explosive Power"

Dear Friend,

Learn a technique but stop practicing it and you often forget it or lose your ability to apply it...

...But learn a PRINCIPLE... and you'll own it for life!

And the further you progress through Fang Shen Do the more you'll realize it's based on a series of principles.

None of these are more obvious than those found in the Power Punch.

There are so many core principles in this set to lay a strong foundation in developing your striking power.

Popularized by Bruce Lee, the Power Punch lays the foundation for devastating strikes by creating explosive power a mere 1" or 3" inches away from your opponent!

This awesome punch must be felt to be appreciated. And through video we are able to show the mechanics of how a simple 1" punch can knock someone completely back across a room. In addition, you'll get unique training devices that can dramatically increase your close-quarter striking power.

And here's the thing you want to know. EACH of the principles shown on Power Punch transfers perfectly to ANY hand or foot strike.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find on this DVD..

  • The 5 key ingredients to acquiring and generating massive amounts of Power!

  • The simple change in your stance you can execute in a flash... that Doubles your Power... Instantly!

  • The secret that takes a simple strike... and penetrates it deeply into the body’s organs, every time!

  • The secret you'll discover that lets you "direct your energy"... precisely where you want it to go!

  • The power of the “Startling Reaction”... and why it holds the KEY to your explosive power.

  • The difference betwee Bruce Lee’s “Push Punch” and our “Shocking Punch.”

  • How to use 'recoil' to your advantage! The little known fact you'll be able to exploit because almost no one understand it.

  • Why “rolling” your punch can add depth to your strike. And how to do it correctly.

  • The everyday items that double as tools to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your power punch!

  • Putting it all together: Seeing and feeling the difference between a 1” and 3” inch punch.

  • How to simultaneously strike 3 people (each stacked against each other) at the same time... and still have enough power to reach the third person and knock him on his butt!

  • And much, MUCH more...

What may have seemed like a pretty simple and straight-forward punch at the beginning of the DVD is, by the end, shown to be a surprisingly complex combination of movements.

Video clips from the Power Punch DVD.


That's why on this DVD you will also learn:

  • The "Startle" Reaction and its impact on the Power Punch (and punching in general).

  • The 5 Types of Power... how you can (and why you must) maximize all 5 to get the most out of your punches.

  • The Degrees of Strike Penetration.

And as you watch as several people are knocked backward by the power of a single 1" punch you begin to realize the impact it can have.

It's why Lee mesmerized people with it.

And now you can too!

With Power Punch you get the DVD plus a 60-page, spiral-bound manual as well. The manual stays flat for training and quick reference. And comes in both French and English versions so you'll need to specificy which one you prefer on the order form.

Normally $69.95C, today you can get both the DVD and the spiral manual for just $39.97C.

And like all of our other products, this one comes with our 100%, money-back guarantee. If you're not absolutely blown away with the information you find here just return the DVD and manual for a full refund of your purchase price within 90 days. No questions asked.

Grab your copy of this extraordinary DVD & Manual today.

Sibok Martin Patenaude

PS. Bruce Lee may have made it famous... but now you can know exactly how he executed his famous 1" punch. Order your copy of Power Punch today.