Stick and Dagger - "The Lethal Combination!"

"The Lethal Combination!"

One of my favorite combinations, this DVD set offers a natural progression from single stick training.

There are endless combinations: Sword and Dagger, Sword and Shield, Double Daggers, Double Swords, Spear and Shield, and more.

It really is a lethal combination. Amaze yourself as you quickly take your skill to the next level, learning advanced flow drills, disarms, take downs, and solo work that increases footwork and creativity.

Video clips from the Stick and Dagger DVD.




Both beautiful to watch and... extremely effective in use! A testament to the ruthlessness of past combat, anyone armed with the skill of wielding 2 weapons at once was a far superior warrior than a single weapon-wielding gladiator.

Investment: just $39.95C for the DVD + shipping & handling.