Stick Training - Basic - "Guaranteed Strength, Speed & Flexibility"

"Discover The Amazing Tool
That Guarantees
Strength, Speed and Flexibility"

Dear friend,

Nobody likes watching an instructional series, especially weapons, where it goes too fast and you can't follow along.

And that's the problem many people have experienced when watching stick work.

It's either confusing and discouraging because you can't follow along... or it's...

The Quick Path
To Flow And Creativity

This one is the latter!

Rather than going too fast you'll find instead it's packed with details, details and more details.

Video clips from the The Stick Training DVD.


And you'll discover in Fang Shen Do Stick Training why the stick is not just a great self-defense tool but goes far beyond this because it teaches you SKILL!

I'll be surprised if you're not completely amazed by the amount of coordination, finesse, concentration, strength, calmness, speed and flexibility you will quickly and easily acquire.

And it's great for solo practitioners who just want to be alone, in a meditative state, and master themselves.

On the other hand, if you have a partner you'll be introduced to rhythmic tempo drills to increase timing, reflexes and footwork as well as effective disarms and body control.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find on this DVD..

  • The 5 attacks you must master to become effective with a "stick."

  • The secret for correct positioning... is footwork! Learn the 5 movements that put you into perfect position... every time!

  • “Whoosh:” What it is. Why it's important. And how to develop it!

  • Knowing and identifying the 3 parts of your weapon.

  • The absolute BEST way to hold the stick... for maximum leverage.

  • The simple Principle that lets you generate a maximum explosion of power!

  • The 2 types of Strikes... and how to quickly and efficiently master them both!

  • The 'Stick' dramatically impacts your "range." There are 3 different ranges and after watching this DVD you'll understanding the subtled nuances of each.

  • The #1 thing you must ALWAYS do when attacking with a stick!

  • The 6 "deflections" that allow you to handle any type of attack.

  • Moving to “0 Power”... and how it not only keeps you safe but snatches all the advantages and puts them squarely on YOUR side!

  • The absolute EASIEST drills that let you acquire the flow & finesse required to master a 'stick.'

  • Using both hands is critical if you're to become proficient with a 'stick.' Our special "Coordination Drills" are guaranteed to make you ambidextrous... practically over night!

  • 6 special disarms that not only give you a rock-solid foundation... but help you create unlimited entries and defenses at the same time!

  • And much, MUCH more...

Stick Training is an amazing tool and one I know you'll want in your arsenal.

Everything you need to get started is contained on our Stick Training-Basic DVD.

It's normally $59.95C but during the introductory launch of our new website you can claim yours for just $39.95C.

Give it a try for a full 90 days and if you don't agree with all that I've said above, then send it back for a full refund because we stand behind our products 100%.

Once you see it however I'm convinced you'll never let go of your copy.

Order yours today.