Sword (Katana) - "Your Ultimate Solo Weapon!"

"Your Ultimate Solo Weapon!"

Considered the ultimate weapon in 14th century Japan. I still get an eerie feeling when holding my Katana. To think people actually get their heads chopped off by one of these: live by the sword; die by the sword! One cut, one kill.

Video clips from the Sword DVD.







Today, many people are gravitating towards this weapon to increase mental & physical alertness. I personally consider it the ultimate solo weapon. I could spend hours wielding this weapon... it’s just you and your sword! A beginner’s training sword is called a Bokken. Later it’s upgraded to a Katana.

This new DVD set stresses body alignment, power, speed, perfection and awareness. This series follows the core guidelines of the sword: efficiency, precision and being in the “mushin” state (present moment)!

Investment: just $39.95 for the DVD + shipping & handling.