Take Downs & Escapes - "How to Effortlessly Control Your Opponent's Center!"

"How to Effortlessly Control Your Opponent's Center!"

At the base of Grappling and Wrestling are two important concepts: Distance and Manipulation. Everything depends on your ability to control your opponent’s Center (or what we call in FSD “Central Axis Manipulation” or what others might call “Separating of the Halves”). This lets you make him go where you want him to go... with as little effort as possible on your part.

In DVD 1 of this series we focus on the 12 basic takedowns & throws and the 8 escape techniques that allow you to do just that. It gives you a base to work from. And quite frankly, likely the only ones you’ll ever really need in a real confrontation.

Video clips from the Take Downs & Escapes DVD.


In DVD 2 we'll turn our focus to distance (or space). Remove the space between your arm and you’ll land an effective Choke or Breaking technique while creating distance to help re-position yourself or escape. You will find NO competition moves here. Only what’s functional for the streets. Things like: Biting, Clawing, Ripping, Fish Hooking, Gouging... from any position, be it on the ground or standing up.

Note: Anticipated release date for DVD 2 is Dec. 2017.

Investment: just $39.95C for DVD #1 + shipping & handling.