Tonfa - "The Most Misunderstood Weapon of Them All!"

"The Most Misunderstood
Weapon of Them All!"

Depending on your background, you may have learned to use the Tonfa in a traditional martial arts class while doing a form or kata. It is a wooden stick with a handle attached to the side. It’s still used by Police Officers today.

Video clips from the Tonfa DVD.


If you’ve seen this weapon in action before, you may have found it to be, quite frankly, boring! That’s because others don’t understand how to train with the Tonfa.

We use a completely different approach. Powerful and fluid at the same time, we give you special drills that build spontaneity, allow you to strike key targets with pin point accuracy, protect you against incoming flying objects, quickly flip and change grips as well as manipulate the central axis of the opponent.

Now there’s no reason to wait years to gain proficiency when you can get down all the basic moves and holds in just 60 minutes.

Investment: just $39.95C for the DVD + shipping & handling.