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A monthly subscription called Aggressive Pursuit of Excellence. Each month I share my best workouts, insights on how to learn faster, train harder and implement martial art philosophy to every area of your life.
This is the best way to work with me 1:1 without paying for private lessons or my private Online Academy. This membership comes with videos, interviews and audios inside my app for quick learning and reviewing.

Here's what you've missed already:
  • How to replicate all of Bruce Lee's strength feats (2 finger one arm push ups, grip and forearm development, dragon flags, and more...)

  • a one of a kind interview with Grappling legend, Judo Gene Lebell (dubbed the grandfather of MMA), sharing his training methodologies and 60+ years experience in the martial arts

  • How to break through plateaus in your training (trust me there will be a ton of them but not if you know my secrets)

  • A done for you strength workout as taught to Arnold Schwarzenegger, straight from the trainer who taught Arnie. The trainer is a family friend and was willing to sit down with us and record a 2 hour interview on what it takes to build real strength

  • How to bulletproof the 3 most injury prone body parts, once all 3 parts are taken care of, there are no limits to the amount of power you can generate in your strikes.

  • The champion workout series. You might know 1 of them (if you've been following me for a while) but did you know there are 12 proven ways to increase your fighting cardio. And applying them in the right order if the key for greater results

  • How to train your inner obliques (yes, the reason why you can't get rid of those last few inches off your belly even if you've been fasting and training hard is you not knowing how to train this part of your stomach) I reveal all.
Once I launch this subscription to the public on January 1st the cost will be 97$ a month (and it's worth every penny at that price)

But, since you're a loyal subscriber to my list, I'm letting the first 10 people who sign up for my monthly newsletter to have it for 47$ a mth.

I'm also giving away a free Aggressive Pursuit of Excellence T-shirt to the first 5 who sign up.

The Pursuit of Excellence in every area of your life should a major priority in 2022.

This is the perfect tool to do just that this year.

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