CLOSING (The Secret To Every Successful Attack!)

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"The Secret To
Every Successful Attack!"

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had that feeling you couldn't quite reach your partner in sparring?

You attacked... but just fell short of making impact?

Well, here's the thing: even if you know hundreds of techniques... if you can't reach your opponent, every one of those techniques are useless.

Closing is the foundation to a successful attack.

Video clips from the Closing Series.

When you know how to close the gap between you and your opponent and take away that distance, you can overwhelm, throw him off balance, manipulate his body and move it where you want it to go.

Surprising to many, closing also teaches you about weight transfer, how to put your entire body weight behind a punch or kick.

It also deals with "explosion" (physical and emotional), not holding back, not hesitating... unleashing your attack with intensity and full commitment.

It's a skill you must have... unless you like being on the receiving end! And who does?

Now you can 'own' this skill, with Fang Shen Do's new series...


Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in this course series.

  • The 5 secrets that quickly take all the fear out of "closing the gap!"

  • 5 offensive closing techniques that get you in on your opponent so quickly... he'll swear you have super-human powers!

  • The 1 thing hardly anyone understands: defensive closing! Learn the 7 defensive closing techniques that'll literally have you "coming out of no where!"

  • Subtle techniques that have you moving so fast, other will swear you're "flying!"

  • How to mask your attack... so he never even sees it coming!

  • To operate in another "zone" you've got to move beyond the physical. Learn the surprising "visualization" you must do BEFORE attacking... to make sure it happens!

  • Audio triggers can help... or they can hinder. Here's the ones you must focus on to be super successful at closing every time.

  • Distance: the critical element NO ONE gets right! We show you exactly how to correctly estimate it... EVERY single time.

  • Closing is about explosion! Learn how to skyrocket the intensity levels of yours... into an unstoppable range!

  • The surprising secret that takes your "close"... and drives it completely through your opponent!

  • The danger zone: what it is... and the steps you must take once you enter it! 

  • And much, MUCH more...

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Sibok Martin Patenaude