PARTNER CONDITIONING (Strengthen your bond and stay fit...together!)

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"Strengthen your bond and stay fit... together!"

No one pushes you more than a friend, brother or spouse.

They can often help you do more than you ever thought possible, and in a non-threatening way that only comes from the closeness of family.

They can be your source of inspiration (and vice versa) when either of you don’t feel like doing something that you know is good for you... like exercise! Follow along as we reveal some of the best body weight exercises you can do... together.

Use each other’s body weight to gain more strength and flexibility. Finally there’s an activity you can do with your dad, mom, brother, sister, girlfriend or friend that strengthens your bond while guaranteeing you have fun and stay fit at the same time!

Following after our world-famous Station Training formula, and our 45 years of experience... you’ll be fit in no time.

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Experience the joy and incredible success working out with a partner can bring. Order your DVD set today.

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