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"How To Become
Blindingly Fast... Regardless of
Your Current Speed!"

There's an old saying, "For every hand, there is always a faster one!"

This implies there is always room for constant and never-ending improvement.

You never reach a point where you say, "That's it. I can stop training now. I am the fastest."

You can always do more, have more and be more.

You must never be complacent with your results. You can always take it a step higher.

You never know who you're gonna meet in a competition or a real confrontation. This philosophy helps you stay sharp and motivated to train.

Limits are made to be broken.

Improvement is addictive.

And this is never more true than with... SPEED!

Armed with the right drills, you can double your speed... overnight!

Training with a faster partner can double it again!

Use the right "reaction timer" and you can reach even new heights.

Speed is on everyone's mind.

Fundamentally, you must reach your opponent before he reaches you. You need to respond without hesitating.

And how do you develop more speed?

Start with Part 1 of our 3 Part series using Advanced Hand Speed Drills to acquire cat-like reflexes and extra sensory development.

Here's more of what you'll find in this course.

  • The actual RULE that determines specifically how much hand speed you'll have!

  • How to bring Speed and Power into absolute perfect balance... and the almost "magically" effect it can have on your performance!

  • 5 types of speed... and why it takes ALL of them, combined together "synergistically", to create maximum total speed.

  • Sense of Touch is critical to maximizing your overall speed. You'll learn the unique drills we use at Fang Shen Do to both develop AND enhance this power in you!

  • The amazing reason why trying to move FAST may actually SLOW you down. And our simple secret that counteracts this and, in the process, completely removes the ceiling to how fast you can become.

  • Above ALL else... the ONE thing you must have if you're to be fast!

  • The surprising secret to how using "self resistance" can double your speed... in only a minute!

  • The magical " keywords" that instantly can trigger an increase in speed!

  • Speed is everything... UNLESS you can’t reach your targets! If you don't connect, your techniques are useless. Here's how to guarantee they do with 100% certainty... every time!

  • How to build a special "visual radar" that helps anticipate any type of attack... and makes you appear to an attacker much faster than you really are.

  • Once you have speed, you begin to own this "highest" form of self-defense... and in the process make hitting you virtually impossible for even the most skilled of opponents!

  • The unusual "stimuli" we teach all our students... and show you on this DVD... that maximizes your reaction speed.

  • The "Asking for the Hands" drill: the surprising secret that injects spontaneity and creativity into your speed building!

  • The critical reason you should be using TIMERS to increase & log your progress. You'll be amazed as you watch not only how we use them... but the dramatic impact they can have on your speed development as well!

  • How "down time" watching TV... can actually make you faster! It's true.

  • The critical steps you must take that automatically raise your awareness... and in the process, anticipate an attack!

  • And much, MUCH more...

In the end, if your techniques lack the 3 most important attributes of speed, power and intensity, prepare yourself to be beaten to the punch (literally)... every time.

Advanced Hand Speed Drills give you the secrets to honing your speed... once and for all.

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