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"How To Generate The Kind Of Power That Lets You Completely Overwhelm Any Attacker...
Regardless Of Your Size!"

Dear Friend,

With any martial arts training, you MUST begin somewhere. And THIS is it.

As with building an immoveable house, lay a strong foundation and the rest is easy.

But screw up that foundation and nothing that follows works right.

Without the proper structure, everything collapses... often right when people its needed the most.

And it's the same with your martial arts training.

Without a rock-solid foundation, everything quickly falls apart.

That's why we created Fang Shen Do's Striking Series.

It's an old recipe for developing devastating power based on 5 secret ingredients that turn weak, wimpy punches into bone crushing, sledge-hammer-like blows every time... guaranteed!

Part 1 teaches you the basics... how to strike using your 2 most common tools (there are a total of 12!) -- your Hands & Feet.

As you watch this series, you may be surprised to learn there are not just 3 or 4 hand striking surfaces as you may have heard. There are actually 12! And you'll quickly and easily be using all 12 of them.

Then it's on to the next section... where you learn to use your feet to completely destroy your opponent's foundation.

In section 2 & 3, you'll expand on what you learned during Part 1. Here you'll discover the other 10 "Striking tools" you always have at your disposal.

As you complete this section of the training you'll quickly realize your body is truly a "lethal weapon" with versatility most people never uncover or even realize exists.

Here's more of what you'll find in this course.

  • Learn all 12 hand striking surfaces! Most people never realize there are this many. You'll likely have a huge advantage over others who haven't a clue!

  • How to turn body into a lethal weapon... by knowing how to use all 12 of your body's natural built-in "tools."

  • Kicks: their advantages and disadvantages... and how to capitalize on each!

  • How to make EVERY single attacking strike you throw... a FINISHING blow!

  • The ONE tool you can ALWAYS count on to totally demolish an attacker!

  • Your “Central Axis:” Why understanding how it works gives you a "sixth sense" in combat... and with it, an almost unfair advantage over your opponent!

  • The secret that allows someone with a “smaller frame” body to deliver crushing blows that easily devastate even the largest of attackers!

  • Are you bigger but perhaps somewhat slow and clumsy? Here's a secret that lets you use all that weight to your advantage in any attack... while still landing blows with pin-point accuracy!

  • The “Relax–Contract” principle... what it is and how to use it to your maximum advantage.

  • And much, MUCH more...

Your investment for this complete course is an easily affordable $69.95C total (yes, that's for all modules).

Get Instant access through our Fang Shen Do (FSD) App. Once you click on "Add to Cart" and purchase, you'll receive download instructions and will get to view your Course immediately

And you get 90 days to check it out on us. If it doesn't skyrocket you martial arts ability, if you're not striking with a new-found power that has others around you asking what you're doing differently, then cancel your course for a prompt and complete refund.

It's your call. But once you've seen it, I'm confident you'll watch it again and again, gaining something new each time you do!

It's a must for everyone... especially the beginning student.
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Sibok Martin Patenaude