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"The Secret to Infiltrating
Your Opponent’s Defenses."

When you engage your opponent it’s almost inevitable you’ll end up in each other’s face... at close quarters.

Police officers, security guards, bouncers all tell us the same thing... all fights get up close and personal. The question is... what will you do once you get there?

You can have great punching and kicking skills but if you don’t know what to do at very close range, you lose!

The facts are: without training in this area close quarter conflicts often end up ON THE GROUND!

And often that’s a prescription for disaster.

Broken glass, asphalt, unknown opponents watching out of sight or maybe even a hidden weapon to deal with. 

It’s not where you want to be.

The solution is learning the art of close quarters fighting. We call it: Trapping Hands.

In Trapping Hands you learn to infiltrate the opponent’s defense with little or no effort, increase hand speed, commitment, and intensity.

First learn the basic 15 sets or combinations to get acquainted with the concept. But don’t stop there. If you do, you’re putting yourself at risk (most people get stuck here).

You'll want to naturally progress to “Asking for the Hands” (AFH) and “Slap Sparring” training (SS) to build the spontaneous responses needed to overwhelm your opponent in close quarters.

Watch how it goes from a technical approach (combinations and mechanics)... to a raw flurry of strikes and jolts to finish with a bang.

Trapping hands is also a perfect lead-in to Clinching and Throwing techniques.

Make sure you don’t miss any piece of the puzzle by adding Trapping Hand to your skillset today.

Special Bonus...
When Ordering Trapping Hands!

Before learning the trapping techniques outlined in our Trapping Hands DVD (or Advanced Hand Speed Drills DVD), it’s helpful if you’ve practiced a series of drills to become accustomed to being in contact with your opponent’s arms. This gives you a “kinesthetic awareness” of what’s happening around your hand and arms. What this does is allow you to begin using your sense of touch... to let your hands “think on their own” as they engage the opponent.

That’s why I’m including access to our Phon Sao Principles: Teaching Your Hands To “Think” For Themselves Course when you order Trapping Hands.

Since it takes time to familiarize yourself with reading energy (or pressure), Phon Sao is the perfect prequel to doing Trapping Hands, Chi-Sao and other energy drills.

You’ll learn to read through your fingertips, palms and forearms, and eventually, through the body.

Phon Sao, which in FSD stands for “borrowing the opponent’s energy,” helps you use this energy against your opponent!

You learn to “Stick” to your opponent like glue and quickly anticipate his next move.

Begin with your course Phon Sao... and watch how quickly you master Trapping Hands.

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Investment: just $39.95 for Trapping Hands Course & the bonus Phon Sao Course

Sibok Martin Patenaude