WOODEN DUMMY SERIES 2 DISC SET - How To Win At Close-Quarters Combat

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The Japanese punch trees to condition their knuckles. The Thai’s kick palm trees. And the Indonesians crack open coconuts with their bare hands.

Following in these same ancient principles we smash our arms against the body of a “special” tree with what looks like “branches” sticking out. It’s called a Wooden Dummy.

Nothing strengthens the arms and hands like a wooden dummy. Results show very quickly. Your palms, wrists, back of hands, fingers, inner & outer forearms are all being conditioned and strengthened simultaneously. This gives you confidence knowing that you won’t hurt your hands or arms when engaging your opponent. Other benefits include increased speed, flow, crispness, close quarter power (improve your power punch), footwork, and balance, as well as improvements in your kicking techniques and your ability to judge and close distance.