NEIGONG: The Ancient Wudang Method for Energy & Fitness (that few have ever seen)!

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Even today, only a handful of people have ever seen it...

"Now, Tap Into One Of The Oldest, Most Powerful,
And Most Secretive Ancient Chinese
"Internal" Martial Arts
To Build & Release Boundless Energy, Attain Vibrant
Health... & Perhaps... Even Glimpse Immortality!"

"For centuries it was one of the most closely guarded secrets
in the entire Chinese martial arts world... handed down
to just 1 person each generation. Until now."

Dear Friend,

If you're interested in creating unlimited stores of energy & stamina, together with the health you experienced when you were young, then let me tell you about an amazing system I discovered, almost by accident, that can help you achieve all this... and more.

It's a system that today still remains almost unknown even as the internet lays bare virtually everything formerly hidden from sight.

Unfortunately, you'd likely never hear about it unless you accidentally stumbled upon it, as I did.

And just as it's done for others who have discovered it's secret, it's shot a lightning bolt of energy through my body like I've never experienced and given me a mental clarity I never expected to understand. And I'm convinced if you'll just give it a try, it can do the same for you, too.

But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...

...Here's what happened:

For countless centuries, the Chinese have dominated the world of martial arts.

And for 1,500 of those years the name Shaolin was the most famous of all martial arts.

Classified as a "hard" style (meaning it focused outwardly on body movement) it dominated all others in sheer numbers of followers.

Until 800 years ago... when another style arose.

Called Wudang Neigong, this was a "soft" or internal-looking style that focused on replenishing the body's "Qi" or energy source rather than external movement.

As you may know, the Chinese long ago identified a series of "meridians" or pathways through which Qi flows throughout the body. And what the ancient Monks who practiced Neigong learned was that unless all these pathways were kept perfectly clear, the body could never function at it's optimum.

They discovered that to focus on external movement without first fixing the internal... meant NEVER performing at your best.

And something else.

As you practice Wudang Neigong, your body learns how to move and flow "naturally."

Instead of spending massive amounts of time training movement, the secret that unfolded was this: by simply unblocking the Qi and opening the meridians while holding very specific positions...

Your Body Begins Moving Correctly...
By Instinct Alone!

For example, when performing breathing exercises in most arts today, you're told to push your tongue to the roof of you mouth. Everyone does this. Yet 800 years ago, Wudang Neigong teachings had shown that by simply holding correct positions while freeing the Qi, your body naturally... by instinct... pushes your tongue to the top of your mouth. And surprisingly, the exact place it goes... is unique to you!

I suspect you're probably already beginning to imagine the freedom this can bring to your movement.

Now, while the Shaolin school and its external focus remained the more popular, the power of Wudang Neigong continued to grow as the famous Chinese Monk, Tie Song Zi, perfected its practice while living in the famous mountains of Wudang.

Until disaster struck.

With the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty by the Manchu in the 17th Century, the growing threat of Wudang Neigong was suddenly driven completely underground, totally forbidden to be practiced in public.

And so...

For 12 Generations It Was Amazingly
Passed On To Just 1 Person
Each Generation!

It was as if it no longer existed.

...Fast forward to the year 2005, in Montreal, Canada...

I was introduced by a friend to a man named Zhiwei Chen (his friends call him Raf).

Raf was Chinese and in Montreal studying. But on the side he taught a strange type of "internal martial art" I'd never seen or heard of in all my extensive studies called... Wudang Neigong! It was an art he'd spent the previous 16 years learning in Hong Kong.

At the time, I was busy running several martial arts schools and growing my business, and so never followed up on this meeting.

Yet surprisingly during the next 2 years I extensively studied several other Chinese martial arts including Chi Kung (often called Chi Gong or Qi Gong) and Tai Chi.

I spent considerable time with a highly touted internal system for recharging your Qi (if I told you the name, you'd instantly recognize it). But after months of diligent effort using this famous system praised by many, I felt very little impact. And was greatly disappointed.

Then a chance meeting occurred in Montreal in late 2007 with Raf, the man I'd met over 2 years earlier... and... everything in my life began to change!

When The Student Is Ready...
The Master Will Appear!

After becoming a student of Chinese martial arts, this time I listened as Raf explained Wudang Neigong and the many benefits of practicing it, including...

  • Your energy begins to shoot through the roof. You'll literally 'bathe' your body in it.

  • You'll experience radiant health... almost without trying!

  • You dramatically slow down your aging process, even visibly rolling back the clock years.

  • You'll unlock buried traumas... some going back as far as childhood.

  • You'll begin to move like you did as a kid... with a grace and elegance you might not have experienced in your life before.

  • Aches and pains will mysteriously disappear.

  • You'll begin to develop laser-focused mental clarity and purpose in your life.

  • You'll rejuvenate and heal your own body... no outside help required.

  • And you can do all this... ANYwhere, ANY time, with NO equipment whatsoever!

And so I began studying with Raf, and as they say... the rest is history.

Even though I couldn't practice consistently, I quickly began to see the impact of this powerful system.

Two experiences proved absolutely amazing:

  1. First, a very sharp almost debilitating pain in my right foot and leg that had impacted my practice of Wudang Neigong suddenly disappeared, exactly as Raf had predicted it would once the meridian that was blocked in this area of my body was freed. It was an instantaneous thing, almost scary in a sense.

But it paled compared to this...

  1. You may have read about Monks and Masters explaining the "feeling" of Qi rushing through your system as a powerful feeling of HEAT coursing through your veins. I'm not sure I totally believed any of that stuff (it had never happened to me). And I certainly never expected to feel it. Yet one evening at the end of class while we were in our "Standing" positions, it suddenly began.

HEAT started radiating first from my hands, then my arms and my stomach, up through my chest and into my shoulders! It was if I was experiencing a complete out-of-body experience except this was me totally focused INTERNALLY. I was able to hold that ending position... motionless, effortless... for 45 unbelievable minutes. The feeling of raw power, of energy, and vibration afterwards was overwhelming.

Later Raf explained it was in fact my feeling the Qi.

And it was exhilarating.

Opening Wudang Neigong To The World...
A Surprisingly Daunting Task!

Right then I knew I wanted to pass this amazing system to my classes and to others.

And I figured it would be simple, like others teaching a class in Tai Chi or Chi Kung.

I was very wrong.

Raf agreed to not only continue expanding my teachings but to work with me getting Wudang Neigong out to others.

What I didn't realize was that everything we did would need to be approved, literally word by word, by Raf's Master in China. And it didn't help that Raf spoke only broken English and his Master in China, none.

That's why it took months of effort before the first of our combined efforts, the introductory basics of Wudang Neigong, were completed.

Called Neigong: The Ancient Chinese 'Wudang' Method for Energy & Fitness, this program truly takes you behind the tightly- locked doors that have hidden away this secretive practice, and lets you become one of the first to ever experience the dramatic power this once-forbidden system can bring to your life.

And you can do it without having to seek out one of the fewer than 12 Masters in the world who could possibly teach it privately to you.

In the main course, you'll watch as Raf takes a private group of Fang Shen Do instructors by the hand and leads them step-by-step through each of the foundational movements that guides you towards mastering this mysterious art. Understand that Raf has limited command of English so most everything is translated.

As you'll discover, for Wudang Neigong to work, it's critical you perform each basic movement correctly. And that's why the entire first series focuses just on showing this, breaking each movement down into it's component parts..

Then there's the Master's Video. It is very special.

Here you'll follow along as Raf's Master executes the entire program in one continuous flowing sequence.

To anyone's knowledge, this is the FIRST time this 14th generation Wudang Neigong Master has ever been filmed live.

It is extremely rare footage of an actual Wudang Master performing these movements.

What You Can Expect

Everyone who begins working with Wudang Neigong experiences it differently.

Some see increases in energy and vitality within the first weeks. As blockages are reduced you'll find yourself moving with a freedom you've not experienced perhaps ever before!

For others the experiences take longer. But as your body's meridians open up, as you break through blockages that have existed perhaps since you were a child, you'll begin to experience the incredible rush I have as your Qi pulses throughout your body and you feel a sense of well-being you've never known... regardless of what type of practice you may have followed in the past.

What Does A Literally Unknown,
Unseen Ancient System Like This Cost?

It probably comes as no surprise that during initial discussions of price, this Series set was expected to be offered somewhere in the $200-$300 range.

Given the time and effort of passing all this information back and forth between China and Canada, working to get each detail approved by Raf and his Master in China... proved a daunting task.

But once it was completed, we all agreed that unless we could get the price to a level where many people could access these ancient secrets, the huge benefits of Wudang Neigong would continue to remain virtually lost to the rest of the world. That's because the cost to track down and train with a Master is almost prohibitive unless you're lucky enough to live near one of those fewer than 12 Masters (and there's no list of these people any where).

That's why I diligently lobbied Raf, his Master and everyone involved (remember most all of this is through translators) that we had to release this first, foundational work for under $100C.

And they finally relented.

And so today you can have access to this revolutionary new program for maximizing energy and fitness for just one easy payment of $97 CAD.

However, they have put a strict limit on the initial number of participants I can accept.

So you'll want to act quickly if you're smart enough to realize the value here and you'd like to get first access

Get Instant access through our Fang Shen Do (FSD) App.

Once you click on "Add to Cart" and purchase, you'll receive download instructions and will get to view your Course immediately

That's why your best bet is to order now.

Neigong: The Ancient Chinese System,
  only $97

Because so little information is available about Wudang Neigong and so few people have ever been trained in this ancient practice, you may feel some uncertainty in ordering. And that's understandable.

Which is why...

You're Protected With My
100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to know this.

Fang Shen Do has been in business for 45 years now. Having grown from a tiny 1 room building to 15 schools, we're now the largest privately-owned martial arts school in all of Canada.

We've been able to grow and prosper because of one thing: offering top quality products and training at competitive prices backed by our 100% guarantee.

And when you purchase Neigong: The Ancient Chinese 'Wudang' Method for Energy & Fitness, we stand behind your purchase with that same 100% guarantee!

If for any reason, after putting what you learn from this course into practice during the next 6 months, you don't feel it's everything I've described here... and far, far more... then I want you to contact me to cancel.

I'll see that your entire purchase price is refunded right on the spot.

However, after watching what Wudang Neigong has done for me, I know once you've experienced these powerful energizing and rejuvenating results in your life you'll never let it go. Ever.

So order today with complete confidence, while we still accept students.

Neigong: The Ancient Chinese System,
only $97

To your health and longevity,

Sibok Martin Patenaude