Fang Shen Do BOOK - 10 Secrets to a Rock Solid Martial Arts Foundation

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It's already there... you just need to awaken it...

"How To Unleash
The Natural Martial Arts Genius
Inside You!"

Now, skyrocket your skills... without stepping into a martial arts studio. Suddenly, everything you expected from a martial art comes together...
almost effortlessly...

  • Build a rock-solid foundation of strength, flexibility and fitness at all levels of your life... physical, mental and spiritual... using 21st-Century training techniques,

  • Fearlessly handle any type of criminal assault or street confrontation using proven principles that let you adapt to any situation... from fight psychology to the different ranges of attack,

  • Watch as the areas of your life grow and expand geometrically.

Dear Friend,

The martial arts have long been shrouded in secrecy.

Bit by bit, like breadcrumbs along a trail, traditional arts stingily dole out tiny morsels to you only after months... even years... of training.

Worse, you spend much of your time performing mindless repetitions of forms that beautifully mostly match your instructor's ability... but that likely have little or nothing to do with yours.

In the end you're frustrated, dejected and unsure...

  • Fearing a simple street assault, even after years of training,

  • Wishing you were stronger, faster, and could move with a natural "instinctiveness" evidently reserved only for Masters, or...

  • Watching as your techniques fall apart under the pressure of competition.

You aren't alone. The same thing happened to me.

Reclaiming The Real "You"

What's important for you to understand is that I began with a natural flow.

As a kid, I could move. I was a natural fighter.

Still, I knew I had gaps. And I turned to martial arts to "fill in" these gaps.

What a bummer.

After spending years learning everything I could, I felt like a round peg that had been constantly pounded into a square hole! And I knew the only way to keep others from wasting their time as I had was to put everything I'd learned together in a new martial art.

30 years later, Fang Shen Do (the Way of Survival) incorporates the best of what I learned:

  • It's based on NO specific athletic skill set which means anyone can do it,

  • It stresses fitness & conditioning, both foundations of all original Arts but sorely lost in today's "that's-too-hard-for-me" world,

  • It shuns tournament skills in favor of self-protection skill sets that are guaranteed to keep you alive on the street,

  • Everything was designed to let you discover, develop and enhance... to UNLEASH... the natural martial artist inside you!

Perfected on 1,000's of students, it's now the foundation for all 25 schools in the FSD system.

Not boring like others... Recommended for the serious martial artist.

"Very useful for training. After reading the book, it gave me more motivation to continue. You can always go back to it and use it as a reference. Each exercise is explained well and to the point. I would recommend it for the serious martial artist. Very good understanding of what Fang Shen Do Kung Fu is all about. Also very enjoyable, not boring like other books. When I was reading it it was like I was performing the different exercises."

Virginio Porato
St-Laurent, Quebec


Explanations are real and blunt; straight to the point.

"Excellent book for review, full of all info I have needed for reviewing tests and just out of interest. I really liked learning about Sijo’s background and the history about FSD. Explanations are real and blunt; straight to the point."

Joey Yagminas, 29


...helps more with the 'why' of a technique or drill not just the 'how'...

"I find it a very useful supplement to the student manual as it goes into more detail for many techniques and training drills. The training guide not only provides us with more details, but in many cases provides us with additional info and clarifications about a technique. It helps us understand more the “why” for a technique or drill, not just the “how”. It is also a great guide for test preparation because of the extra info. Knowing details from the training guide certainly has helped me get higher marks on my test."

Karl Blomquist, 42, Software Designer


...a great tool in my kung-fu development...

"I found it to be an excellent guide to reinforce skills learned in class and learn new techniques that haven’t been shown yet. It was also a great tool after joining the masters club and being required to lead warm-ups. It helped with proper terminology and correct methods of explaining stretches to the students. Overall the manual was a great tool in my kung-fu development."

Rob Main, 23, University Student


...reading over the guide is like Sijo teaching it to me...

"When I don’t know something I go straight to the book and its written right there in depth. Above all it works best as a way to review notes after a class of theory and if I miss something all I have to do is read over the guide and it’s like Sijo is teaching it to me."

Craig Vermette, 17
High School Student

And there's one more thing.

Fang Shen Do principles were never to be hidden!

That means if you couldn't attend an FSD school in Eastern Canada, then FSD must come to you.

Discover The Secrets of Fang Shen Do
In The Comfort of Your Own Living Room!

To bring FSD to you I've put the basics of everything we do live at each school into a compact, quickly absorbed handbook... 10 Secrets To A Rock Solid Martial Arts Foundation.

Previously available only to Fang Shen Do students, this training guide pulls back the curtain and lets you see exactly how we apply the FSD principles in live training sessions.

Nothing is held back.

You see exactly what we teach, how we teach it and why we teach it as we do.

As you start to think about applying the principles you read about to your own training, you'll find your original enthusiasm for the arts returning... maybe for the first time in years.

And I'm wondering if you can imagine your excitement as others begin to ask what it is you're doing that makes you look and act so differently, and has you feeling really good about yourself.

The 10 Secrets

I've broken the Guide into 10 parts... 10 Secrets... to your success.

Secret #1: Body Awareness. Everything starts here.

Secret #2: Confidence, Intimidation & Deception. Left until last with most martial arts... or ignored altogether.

Secret #3: Flexibility & Naturalness. Unlocking the key.

Secret #4: Breathing. Foundational to everything.

Secret #5: Becoming Kinesthetic. Secret drills that elevate your skills to a totally new level.

Secret #6: Guarding the Temple. You ARE the temple. This is about protecting YOU.

Secret #7: Infantry & Artillery. Punches & Kicks... the Fang Shen Do way!

Secret #8: Lightning Speed. Regardless of what your background, you can become faster... way faster! And it changes everything when you do.

Secret #9: Mental & Physical Toughness. What others often ignore... we lay down as a core building-block. It becomes the advantage that sets you apart from everyone else.

Secret #10: Live in the Real World. Nothing matters if it doesn't work out there.

Here's more of what you'll find inside 10 Secrets To A Rock Solid Martial Arts Foundation:

  • How the unique Fang Shen Do Station Training Program allows you to perform an exercise at 100% of your maximum effort. (And no, it's not the same as interval training -- there's one big difference).

  • How to execute a series of "energy drills" that develop sensitivity, speed, trapping abilities and, surprisingly... the ability to READ motion!

  • 28 specific flexibility drills... and the precise explanation of how to perform each (this alone is more than many books on flexibility offer)!

  • How Fang Shen Do's Total Attack Theory reduces the blocking and countering movements others do in two movements... into one SINGLE move. In fact, once you get better, the FSD defense actually becomes the offense!

  • The 5 types of Martial Arts speed (Each is additive so working on all 5 guarantees you maximize your overall quickness).

  • 10 devastating Strikes and 10 destructive Kicks you can begin mastering immediately.

  • Breathing drills you can implement immediately... and the correct timing ratio for the inhale/hold/exhale cycle of each.

  • The foundational principle that allows me to "give away" my system Principles within the pages of this book... while others foolishly hide theirs.

  • Why Martial Arts are the "vehicle" which allow you to be better at anything else you do.

  • Why Fang Shen Do surprisingly focuses on the "inner" you as much as it does the "outer" you... and in the process, giving you the vehicle to better your life outside your martial arts training.

  • The Salutation: to many it may seem like mere formality at the beginning or end of a class but within lie... the 4 key principles of FSD movement.

  • The amazing power of Shadow Closing (and how, with it, you can even "feel" your opponent's energy)!

  • The 3 tactics FSD teaches you to apply automatically if all talking stops in a violent altercation.

  • Why blocking is NEVER used in Fang Shen Do... and the 2 alternatives that guarantee economy of motion and maximum results with minimum effort.

A FREE Bonus
That'll Have You Accomplishing More In A Day
Than You Now Do In a Week!

As an added bonus, when you order during this first-edition printing, I'll also include, FREE, a copy of my Fang Shen Do Strategic Action guide.

For nearly 30 years people have asked, "What's your secret for accomplishing so much?" My answer: I focus on doing one thing at a time.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yet what's surprising is that almost no one gets it. They don't understand Action steps, and in the process end up spinning their wheels, going nowhere fast.

I figured this one out long ago. And now everyone who is successful in the Fang Shen Do organization uses my system.

Until now we've only released this information to students at one of our 25 schools. But as my gift for your purchase of the 10 Secrets manual, I'm including a complete guide describing the SA system, including the exact forms you'll use to immediately begin accomplishing more of what you want in your life.

Again, it's FREE with your first-edition printing order ONLY.

FREE Bonus # 2:

Now, Make The Guide Come Alive...
By Becoming A "Fly-On-The-Wall" Inside
One Of My Fang Shen Do Schools... With The
New Student Orientation DVD

In this DVD we lay the foundation to our system and what you need to learn in the beginning months of FSD training.

Video clips from the New Student Orientation DVD.

Starting off on the right foot will save you time and energy. Having someone to model will shorten your learning curve.

We cover everything from how to tie your sash to breathing exercises and why they’re so important to get good at. We also cover the character qualities we are looking for in a student and summarize the drills that will help you build speed, power, sensitivity and timing.

Everything we do has a purpose as you’ll see explained in this DVD. And it's included FREE... when you order your Fang Shen Do guide today.

Normally $39.97C, the 10 Secrets To A Rock Solid Martial Arts Foundation guide plus BOTH the Strategic Action Guide and the Orientation DVD are yours at an introductory special price of just $29.97C if you order before all 500 copies of the first-edition production in the guide's new format are gone.

Many of my existing students will want a copy of this new "perfect-bound" guide also and that's going to deplete the 500 faster than normal.

So, whether you are frustrated with the progress you've made in your martial art... or are just starting out and wondering where to turn, let the Fang Shen Do training guide show you the way.

Order your copy today.


Sijo Jacques Patenaude

P.S. The first-run printing of this unique Fang Shen Do guide is only 500 copies. These won't last long. And as a special incentive for you if you order now, I'll personally autograph the first 200 books. That means you gotta really hurry to grab one of these prized editions.